We believe that the creative arts are a key to unlock the hearts of this generation. Our desire is that artists would have an opportunity to express the gifts that God has given them to see the gospel go forward.

Creative Communications

The Creative Communications team serves the people and ministries of Chicago Tabernacle by creating communication tools that inspire and lead people to Christ. Through design, video, and many other creative tools, their team is used to impact the church and community in a powerful way.



The Drama Ministry exists to clearly and passionately communicate the Gospel through the arts. This ministry is active in producing large-scale dramas that are held each season, and is represented in supporting of the preaching of the Gospel on a regular basis. The Drama Ministry consists of actors, writers, directors, dancers, and spoken word artists.


Visual Arts

The Visual Arts team exists to help fulfill a core value of CT: to preach the gospel through the arts. As a ministry, their heart is to use the gifts God has given them to serve the church and advance the Kingdom of God. They serve all ministries of the church, as well as large outreaches, by using creative skills such as building, painting, drawing, costume design, and many more!



Under the direction of Chrissy Toledo, daughter of Carol Cymbala (director of the Grammy Award-winning Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir), the Chicago Tabernacle Choir unites over fifty voices from diverse backgrounds to sing praises unto the Lord. What surpasses the choir’s love for music, however, is their passionate love for Jesus Christ, and desire to see lives transformed by his power. The choir plays a central role in Chicago Tabernacle’s Sunday services, and has been featured musical guests for national conferences and various events around Chicago.

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Live Production

The Live Production team serves the people of Chicago Tabernacle and the surrounding community through the use of audio, video, lighting and stage production elements.  The team strives to foster an environment ripe for worship of Jesus Christ and proclamation of the name of His Word with maximum impact.