The City

What is the City?

The City is an online tool to help our body better connect with one another, build community, and communicate effectively – from the church to you, and you to the church.

Why do we use the City?

As the Lord grows our church we want to stay connected throughout the week. The City is a tool that will provide us with greater connection, greater communication, and greater service.

Is The City just another social network?

No. Many social networks are focused on individuals and their needs, but The City is focused on our King, His Kingdom, and our community. The City is designed to enhance the community that already exists.

What is The City used for?

The City is an online tool designed to make things happen in the real world. Through The City, leaders can communicate with the church and individual ministries. Prayers can be lifted up in real time throughout the week, and everyone on The City is able to see and meet the needs within the church as well as in our community at large.

How do I use The City?

The easiest way to learn how to use The City is by simply spending time on it, browsing around and checking out all the features. There will also be trainings, video tutorials, and ongoing tips available to help you better navigate your way around. You can also click on the help tab on The City to browse helpful tips and resources.

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