Our mission is to raise up the next Spirit-filled generation
who will change the world.
This is accomplished through our values: the Word of God, worship, prayer, fun, and friendship. We read God’s Word daily, allow it to transform our lives, and teach our children to love and follow it. We connect our hearts to God in worship and invite the Holy Spirit to fill us with His presence and power. We model and inspire a prayerful life so that our children will become mighty prayer warriors who experience the supernatural power of God. We create a happy, engaging environment so our children will love coming to church! We love, grow, learn, and play together.

Next Generation Resources

Check out our Next Generation Resources webpage for content for our kids!

What to Expect

Grades: Kindergarten-5th grade


In CT’s Playhouse, we love to worship God together and build friendships with each other. Our goal is to create a safe environment where kids can worship, play, and experience the love of God. Our volunteers have been trained to promote social distancing, while maintaining a welcoming and fun atmosphere. We worship God with dancing, singing and offering with our CT’s Playhouse band. Kids will also have fun as they memorize the Word of God through a song or rap, and during exciting and active game time!  We love to teach lessons from the Bible, and kids will experience a time of response to the Word of God, and small group time where kids meet in groups with adult leaders to connect and pray. Before and after the services are times for the kids to play and make new friends!


All volunteers will have their temperatures checked prior to entering CT’s Playhouse and will be wearing masks throughout the service. Gloves will be worn during food distribution and all snacks are pre-packaged. Sanitation stations will be available in CT’s Playhouse and volunteers will be monitoring and sanitizing play areas throughout the service.  Masks are highly recommended for all children in CT’s playhouse.


Please keep your child home for 72 hours after a fever or signs of illness. 

If your child has allergies, please let your child’s teacher know so we can best care for them.

CT's Playhouse Lead: Natalie Thompson

Natalie was born and raised in the great city of Chicago. From a young age, she knew she wanted to serve and teach children. She obtained a Bachelors degree in Mathematics and a Masters in Teaching. Natalie had a career as a high school math teacher for Chicago Public Schools before being called to serve in the children’s ministry at Chicago Tabernacle. Natalie’s heart is for the hearts of children to be transformed by the love of Christ so they can be a light in their schools, neighborhoods and homes.

Serve in CT's Playhouse

It’s our heart to raise up the next Spirit-filled generation, and you can be a part of doing that in a vital point in the life of a child, their elementary years. If you would like to make a difference in the life of a child, serve in CT’s Playhouse!


Kids Week of Adventure 2019!

The mission of KWA is to create a spiritual Disney World for children so their hearts are open to respond to God and they love coming to church. Check out the recap from KWA 2019!


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