The Marriage Ministry's mission is to equip couples on their marriage journey with biblical principles so that we glorify God, love, serve and respect each other. As a ministry, our heart is to honor the body of Christ with our example and commitment.

Who we are

We believe that being married is something to celebrate! Have you noticed that God uses marriage to teach us more about who He is and how He loves? We reflect God’s image and nature in marriage when we submit and serve each other sacrificially, love each other devotedly, and make Jesus Christ the center in order to ensure that our commitment lasts a lifetime.

Becoming Groups

Becoming Groups serve as a place for our church body to gather outside of our normal Sunday and Tuesday services to seek the Lord–deepening our walk–and to connect deeply with one another.

All of our groups gather to discuss the content of the previous Sunday’s sermon. Groups will commit over the course of three months to meeting in various locations through the city.

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Meet the Leaders

Pastor Jose Figueroa grew up in Chicago. After following a self-destructive path in his early 20’s, he dedicated his life to Christ in 1999. Pastor Jose’s mission is to inspire others to love Jesus and live out the Gospel. Pastor Jose holds a Bachelor’s degree from Indiana Institute of Technology and a Master’s degree from Moody Theological Seminary. Darcy committed her life to Christ when she was a young girl. She was drawn towards a life of cross-cultural Christian service since her early teens and pursued training towards that end by graduating from Baptist Bible College of Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania. Darcy enjoys utilizing her professional and ministry training to serve women and families at CT.

Pastor Jose and Darcy met at the Chicago Tabernacle when the church first opened its doors in 2002, and they were married at CT in 2004. After completing his seminary studies, Pastor Jose and Darcy moved to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where Pastor Jose co-pastored a church for the urban poor. They returned to Chicago in 2013, and Pastor Jose joined CT’s pastoral team in 2015. Along with serving the marriages of the church, Pastor Jose is passionate about outreach, community engagement, and local and global missions. He and Darcy have been blessed with two children, Isabel and Gabriel.

A Message from Pastor Jose

Did you know that God uses the marriage between a husband and a wife as a picture of His relationship with the Church? And, did you know that your personal walk with the Lord is significantly impacted by the condition of your earthly relationships? Therefore, the way we love, serve and respect each other in our marriage has profound implications!

Darcy and I were blessed to receive mentoring and Christian premarital counseling at CT before we were engaged and married. Because of the tremendous impact of that premarital investment on our own relationship as we faced the challenges of married life, we are convinced that guidance from God’s Word and Biblically-based resources is crucial for healthy marriages and families at CT.

That is why we are passionate about marriage ministry. We want to see husbands reject passivity and become the spiritual and physical leaders of their homes, and we want to encourage wives to build their homes with wisdom and beauty of character, graciously submitting to their husbands as they say, “Follow me as I follow Christ.”

Making a marriage last and making it the fantastic gift that God intended it to be takes hard work and intentionality. We are two sinful people trying to live under the same roof! We encourage our couples to start with the simple step of taking at least one night out a month to focus on their relationship. That is why we host our Marriage Ministry Community Groups and Hangouts. Come out and see what God wants to do in your marriage and your walk with Christ today!

Pastor Jose Figueroa

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Premarital Counseling

We recognize marriage as a sacred covenant for a lifetime, we believe that a couple should invest more time and thoughtfulness into their marriage preparation than their wedding planning. Click the link below for more information about Premarital Counseling.

Premarital Counseling