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The Treehouse

The Treehouse is a place for the youngest members of the kingdom! Infants through preschoolers will learn and grow through learning about the Bible, worship, and play—all while making friendships and having fun! Our goal is to raise up the next Spirit-filled generation that will change the world.

The Treehouse

CT's Playhouse

CT’s Playhouse is a place for K-5th graders to grow, learn and play together! Our mission is to raise up the next Spirit-filled generation who will change the world and we do this through our values: the Word of God, worship, prayer, fun and friendship! To learn more click the link below!
CT's Playhouse

The Free

The Free is for all Jr. and Sr. High students grades 6-12. Our mission is to inspire and disciple youth to live as free people. To check out The Free, click the link below!

The Free

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Baby Dedications!

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