We all desire deep connection with God and other people, and as a church we want to do all we can to foster this connection.
We believe that there are three ways you can build this connection—through a deeper exploration of God’s word with a small group of people, through intentional times of fun and fellowship, and through serving in your local body.
Here at Chicago Tabernacle, we have created space for you to experience God and his people in these unique ways.

Ministry Hangouts

We have Hangouts: a time where you connect through fun activities and experiences with a group of people who will laugh with you, but also encourage your walk with the Lord.


Becoming Groups

We have Becoming Groups: a place where you meet with a small group of people to unpack the messages from Sunday.

Becoming Groups


And we also have many opportunities for you to plug in and serve. We believe serving is a beautiful way to connect with people you wouldn’t normally come in contact with, to show God’s heart to others, and to develop deep and lasting friendships.

Our heart is that you would become all God has intended you to become, and as a church, we stand behind the truth that we become as we pursue God, love with his heart, and serve others into greatness.
So we hope you’ll join us here at CT—we hope you’ll dive in and get connected!