Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is premarital counseling available?

Premarital counseling is available to individuals who have completed Chicago Tabernacle’s Membership process.

2. How long is the premarital counseling process?

Because we recognize marriage as a sacred covenant for a lifetime, we believe that a couple should invest more time and thoughtfulness into their marriage preparation than their wedding planning. The typical CT premarital counseling process is approximately 8-10 weeks in length. We recommend that couples consider applying to begin the process even before engagement and setting a wedding date.

3. What resources does CT use for premarital counseling?

Our primary resources for the premarital counseling process are God’s Word and Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott.

4. Can we have our wedding at the Chicago Tabernacle?

In order to request celebrating your wedding ceremony at CT, you must be a member of Chicago Tabernacle and have successfully completed the premarital counseling process

5. We are planning to have our wedding at another venue, but we would like one of CT’s pastors to officiate our wedding. Is that possible, and how would we make that request?

In order to request the services of one of our pastors, you must have successfully completed the premarital counseling process as CT. After completion your pre-marital counselor can assist you in making those arrangements.

6. How do I start or sign up for premarital counseling?

To begin the premarital process, click the link below to fill out the guidance application.

Marriage Ministry

The Marriage Ministry’s mission is to equip couples on their marriage journey with biblical principles so that we glorify God, love, serve and respect each other. As a ministry, our heart is to honor the body of Christ with our example and commitment. To learn more about the Marriage Ministry, click the link below!

Marriage Ministry