Our Mission

Our mission here at the Treehouse is to empower the next generation to become victorious children of God! We serve children ages 0 – 5 years old.

Children are our heritage from God and we believe in investing the best in them through our time, resources, love, and heartfelt service.

What to bring

For Infants (0-24mo):

Please bring diapers, bottles, sippy cups & pacifiers. We ask that you clearly label all items that belong to your child.

For 2’s, 3’s,4’s & 5’s

You don’t have to bring a thing!  In our care they will have a light snack of KIX cereal and will be taken to the potty one time if they are not wearing a diaper. If you want to bring additional snacks, toys or clothes, please keep them with you as we are not able to store them.

Snack Information

Children over 1 year old will be offered a snack of Kix cereal and water. If your child is allergic to the snack being served please bring your own snack and notify one of the teachers.


To ensure your child’s safety, we ask all parents to check your children in at a check-in kiosk in our outer lobby as soon as you enter the building. Once you are checked in, you will receive two stickers – one for you to keep and one that will be placed on the back of your little one. When you check out, you will need to present your sticker to pick up your child.

New family checklist: 

  • Is your current phone number on your child’s tag?
  • Does your child have allergies? Ask for a bright yellow “allergy” vest from his teacher.
  • Does your child have any belongings from home in his/her hand including: hats, purses, toys, or a water-bottle? Please take them with you to service as we do not available storage for them.

About Our Classes

Streams (0-24 months)

Kids ages 0-24 months are cared for by loving servant-volunteers who care for all of their basic needs (feeding, changing, napping, playing, and praying with them). Please leave basic necessities for kids in designated basket (diaper and food) and be sure to fill out the baby card with instructions so we can take great care of your little one.

2s/3s Class

Kids get to wiggle, sing, play and learn impactful Bible stories in an age appropriate way. A light snack will be provided (either popcorn, veggie straws or apples with sun-butter and water). Kids who do not have a diaper on, are taken to the potty in groups by a female teacher 18 or older. In case your child’s diaper needs to be changed, you will be contacted. Please send only your child to class; no additional items are needed (no diapers, toys, sippy-cups etc.) as they tend to get misplaced.

4s/5s Class

Your young explorer will be taken on a Bible adventure during their class. They will learn a dynamic Bible story, which will be reinforced through crafts and hands on experiences. Kids will engage in fun worship and have a time to get their wiggles out on the play-land. A light snack (either pop corn, veggie straws, apples and sun-butter) will be provided. Kids are taken to the potty in groups by a female teacher 18 or older. Please send only your child to class; no additional items are needed (no diapers, toys, sippy-cups etc.) as they tend to get misplaced.

General Information

All classes are staffed by our servant-volunteers who are members of our church and have passed a background check.

If for any reason during the service your assistance is needed with your child, we will contact you via text. Please make sure your current cell phone number is printed on your child’s sticker.


Drop-off + Pickup


Once you arrive in the Treehouse, you will drop your child off in one of our three classes:

·       Streams (0-24 months)

·       Adventure Land (2’s & 3’s)

·       Roots Room (4’s & 5’s)

Helpful Notes:

  • Keep drop-offs brief and happy (even if your child cries)
  • Give teacher only necessary items
  • Remember – crying at drop-off is totally normal. We will text you if your child doesn’t calm down in 10min.
  • Please keep your parent sticker, you will need it to pick-up your child
  • Please keep your phone on; if you are needed, you will be texted

* Nursing Moms – There is a separate nursing room inside of the Streams room where you can nurse your baby.


  • Please stand in line against the wall closest to your child’s door so traffic can keep flowing
  • Give your parent sticker to your child’s teacher
  • The teacher will check your child out of his/her class and return your sticker to you (you need it to check out other kids)
  • If you misplaced your ticket, our parent connection team in the entryway can reprint one for you

Wellness Policy

Please make sure that your children have been symptom free for at least 24 hours before checking them into class.

The Treehouse Lead: Kate Pilman

Kate was born and raised in Chicago near the Belmont Cragin Neighborhood. She began serving in children’s ministry at the young age of 10, and has continued ever since! She obtained a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education and a Minor in Biblical Studies from North Central University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After graduation, Kate felt called back to Chicago where she taught for five years in the city. Kate loves Chicago and has a heart to lead children and families grow closer to Jesus!

Serve in The Treehouse

It’s our heart to raise up the next Spirit-filled generation, and that starts with the youngest among us. If you would like to make a difference in the life of a child, serve in The Treehouse!