The Gift of Salvation

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Did You Just Say "Yes" to Jesus?

If you have made the decision to follow our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we want to know about it!  We are so excited for you and would love to connect and help you as you begin your new relationship with Jesus.
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What is Salvation?

You may be wondering to yourself what the “gift of salvation” truly means. Here’s what this wonderful gift is all about.

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What Do I Do Now?

Growing in your relationship with Jesus

Now that you have put your trust and confidence (faith) in Jesus Christ, the Bible calls you His child. Just as physical children grow, so we also grow spiritually in our faith. Additionally, in the same way that a parent instructs a child in the way they should go, God wants to instruct us through His Word to learn what He desires from us as His children. He wants us to grow in our relationship with Him. There are three main ways to do this: getting baptized, learning what His Word says, and connecting with His people.

Get Baptized

The Bible teaches that water baptism is the first step of obedience in your walk with Christ (Matthew 28:18-19; Acts 2:38). It is an outward declaration of an inward transformation. Want to learn more? Click below to sign up for our Baptism Class!

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Learn His Word

Learning equals growing. Learning what God’s Word says about His best for our lives is the priority in our relationship with God. This learning happens by reading the Word of God every day, and tuning in to our Online Church Services, streaming every Sunday and Tuesday!

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Connect with His People

It’s within the family of Christ we are strengthened and learn what it means to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ. We encourage you to connect with us through our Online Church services, our various social media platforms, and by filling out the Connect Card below!